The Narrows of Zion is considered one of the best slot canyons in the world. Spending most of the time in the waters of the Virgin River, hikers experience the true beauty of Zion. The cold waters, up to chest deep, and the uneven riverbed, make this trek strenuous. Well worth the effort, this might be the best day hike in Zion. Check the weather conditions at park office before heading up the Narrows. Flash floods are dangerous & thunderstorms miles away can affect the Narrows.

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Track Statistics -

Distance - 5.5 mi
Elevation Gain - 350 ft
Difficulty - Strenuous
Hiking Time - 4+ hrs

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Orderville Canyon Hike

Waterfalls in Orderville Canyon

Zion Canyon Narrows Hike

Narrows Near Mystery Falls

Orderville Canyon Elevation Profile

Finding the Trailhead -
The trail starts at the Temple of Sinawava shuttle stop at the end of the Zion Canyon Road.
Overview - The hike begins on the paved walkway at the Temple of Sinawava parking lot. Following the river for a mile, the walkway ends at a stone veranda. The trail enters the Virgin River & heads upstream. Wading in the beginning is knee to waist deep. A quarter mile up on the right, Mystery Falls enters the canyon. Sliding 120 ft down the rock face, this marks the elevated mouth of Mystery Canyon. Next, the canyon makes a sharp turn to the left. This is the start of the gooseneck. In the next half mile, the river does an 180 as it turns back to the northeast. Past the gooseneck, the river makes a sweeping turn creating a big alcove on the left. With the canyon walls soaring 800 ft, this is one of the more popular photograph spots. Ahead, Ordiville Canyon enters the Narrows on the right. Heading up Orderville requires wading, swimming & scrambling over boulders & waterfalls. Orderville is narrow at the beginning, but opens up shortly. After swimming across a pool & climbing some logs, hikers encounter a waterfall. This is Veiled Falls. When climbing above the waterfall, remember down climbing is harder & it is NEVER a good idea to jump into murky waters. Submerged boulders & logs make jumping very dangerous.

Tips - Check the weather reports at the Zion Visitor Center. Flash floods are a serious danger & storms miles away can affect the Narrows.